Company History
Prism Learning Solutions is a management and organization development firm that helps clients choose, refine and implement appropriate change strategies. 

We incorporated in 1990 and
are located in southeast Michigan.

We have extensive expertise in a variety of industries, including banking and service, automotive / manufacturing, oil and gas production, utilities, government, education, and more.

About Us
Solutions for your change management needs.

Prism Learning Solutions offers a professional staff of consultants,
facilitators, project managers, subject matter experts, instructional designers,
and an electronic publishing and production team. 

In addition, we have access to over 250 associates in various disciplines across the globe. Partner organizations also join with us on projects requiring special expertise.

We offer our clients:

  • A unique approach that drives integrated change planning across the people, process, and technology components of the organization.
  • A systematic, disciplined, and flexible process to expedite organizational change across a wide-range of competitive situations.
  • A proprietary software tool that measurably accelerates the work done in teams and meeting, and enhances the internalization of capabilities
  • A full array of supporting services, including award winning training, consulting / facilitation, and project management.
Our Approach
Supporting Integrative Change.

Prism closes the loop when addressing non-technical performance problems and opportunities. It's not enough to simply report on the results of a diagnostic. It's not enough to simply tell a client what is wrong. It can also be costly and counter-productive to implement a solution that is not based on some form of a diagnostic. All of these steps must be addressed and conducted in the correct sequence to insure the best results. Click on the links below for a brief description of each step.

DiagnoseDiagnose ImplementPrescribe ImplementImplement

Meet Our Team:

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