Business Partnership

We think of ourselves more as business partners than consultants.

You have the answers. We ask the kind of questions that bring the answers into clearer and clearer focus.

We want to understand your goals and challenges and be in the trenches with you helping you succeed.

That’s why we offer a spectrum of services and approaches to meet your needs. We have fresh, relevant competency-building workshops ready to be delivered to your learners as quick as you can get them scheduled. If you need help with scheduling, we can provide a turn-key Learning Management System to get you up and running. At the same time, we have skills and expertise to contribute to your ongoing leadership development needs, your strategic planning processes, your branded and customized training needs, and we can help with performance analysis and improvement needs, as well as all aspects of employee engagement.


You may be surprised at how persistently we will work to achieve YOUR goals. But that’s how we make a difference, by helping organizations PLAN, STRATEGIZE, SOLVE PROBLEMS and LEVERAGE OPPORTUNITIES.

Because we know that “change or die” is not just a catchy phrase.

Systems Thinking

We believe every problem or opportunity benefits from holistic, systems thinking.

Prism employs a systems approach, whether we are facilitating strategic change from the beginning - and at the highest levels of an organization, or fostering new skills at the front line of the organization. We will ask key questions so that we understand your participants, your most urgent priorities, and how our work will support and integrate with your overall vision, mission, strategy and goals. While you may engage us to facilitate an event or series of meetings or workshops, we will also make recommendations about what to do before, during and after to reach your ultimate “desired state.”


When Prism is asked to do a training workshop, we will ask questions to discern the desired outcome. It may be a performance result, a new knowledge set, or other outcomes. Then we will invite our client to look at the surrounding "systems" that will influence the achievement of that outcome. Rewards and recognition, performance management, strategic goals, KPIs and other tracked measures, processes and procedures, and often the most criticial LEADERSHIP MODELING AND SUPPORT.

If we can't engage participant's managers directly, communication is key. Here is a quick and easy Manager's Guide that shows how a leader can influence learning and application of new knowledge and skills both BEFORE and AFTER their team member attends a learning event.