What are they and how do they help leaders?

Profiles – understanding your natural strengths and preferences

Profiles are inventories of personality traits and behavioral tendencies that can indicate general preferences and communication patterns, or preferences related to a particular category of behaviors, e.g. leadership, sales or conflict handling.

Assessments – how others see you; your impact on those you work with

People’s perceptions of your performance on key competencies and leadership behaviors offers an important piece of the “puzzle” of becoming a highly effective leader. Leadership is about helping others achieve their potential, and understanding their perceptions gives you a huge leg up in doing that. Assessments give feedback on your demonstration of selected skills and competencies.

To really accelerate leadership development, use both profiles and assessments in combination to give each leader the gifts of insight and feedback. Their chances of realizing their potential increase as they gain self-awareness and understanding of their impact.

Interpretation and Action Planning

It is vital to have a qualified facilitator to guide interpretation and action planning based on profiles and assessments!

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Prism facilitators work with several high-quality profiles and assessments in our sessions, and with individuals as coaching tools,.  We can help determine which ones best fit your goals.