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You depend on your leaders to deliver results. Prism works with leaders to hone their abilities to both manage and lead using

  • Assessment
  • Individual Development Planning and Coaching
  • Workshops
  • Customized Curriculum


Spectrum 360®

With our 360 feedback tool, you have the flexibility to choose from a large pool of competencies and associated items that have normative data available, or craft your own items that draw from your organization’s leadership competency model and language.

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Why use a 360 feedback tool?

What makes Spectrum 360 different?

Individual Development Planning and Coaching

We know organizations thrive when their leaders are coaching and developing talent.

To have leaders who coach and develop their teams, COACH AND DEVELOP YOUR LEADERS!

Invest in your high-potential leaders by engaging Prism to work with them as a cohort or individually. Typical activities include:

  • Gathering “current state” data by completing a variety of assessments, interviews, etc.
  • A comprehensive, introspective development planning session
  • Ongoing virtual or in-person coaching sessions as your leaders implement their action plans

Leadership Development Workshops

Ready to deliver.  We have loads of ready-to-deliver workshop offerings available for building foundational managerial and leadership competencies on a turn-key basis.

Here’s just a sampling:

    Leadership Development Topics

    • Moving from Manager to Leader
    • Leading Change
    • Establishing Trust
    • Conflict Strategies
    • Leveraging Diversity
    • Emotional Intelligence
    • Fostering Accountability
    • Coaching to Unleash Potential
    • Coaching for Career Development
    • Building a High-Performance Team
    • Creative Thinking Tools
    • Magnetic Leadership

    Management Mastery Topics 

    • Great Meetings that Get Results
    • Building Relationships
    • Performance Appraisal Conversations
    • Setting Performance Goals
    • Coaching for Performance Improvement
    • Adding Talent to the Team
    • Empowerment and Delegation
    • Respectful Workplace
    • Managing a Virtual Team
    • Problem Solving
    • Decision Making
    • Business Finance Basics
    • Magnetic Leadership
    • Magnetic Feedback

    Customized Curriculum – Create Your Own

    Select the competencies that best fit your organizational leadership model, and we’ll customize an assessment and create a series of workshops that aligns with your culture and goals.

    A series of shorter workshops provides participants the opportunity to learn in managable “chunks,” experience using the tools and skills, then receive feedback and get their questions answered to keep them on the learning track. Knowing they will be asked to report back to their peers at the next learning event in the series also builds motivation and accountability.

    Example applications:

    • New Manager Series
    • Manager of Managers Series
    • High-Potential Leaders Series
    • Executive Leadership Series
    • Regional or Mid-Level Manager Series
    • Front-Line Leadership Series

    Are people in your organization “charged up” or “checked out?”

    Are they hungry for coaching and leadership, while leaders are preoccupied with projects and tasks?

    Is it harder than it should be to make needed changes and get things done?

    Do the results of your employee survey make you want to hide it in a drawer?

    Prism can help!  Let's Connect.