360 Feedback for Leadership Development

Why use a 360 feedback tool?

1 – Perspective.

Get the whole picture. Self assessment and manager assessment yields only part of the picture. Every leader benefits from understanding how they are perceived by those they are charged to lead, those they need to work with effectively to get the job done, and their internal and external customers.

2 – Blindspots.

We all have them, both to our strengths (because they are easy for us we undervalue them) and to our negative impacts (because people won’t let us know if they don’t feel safe to do so.)

3 – Prioritize opportunities and build on strengths.

Every leaders development needs are unique, so their development plan should be too. Commit resources to developing skills that will have the most impact for each leader and team.

What makes Spectrum 360 unique?

4 – Flexibility

With our 360 feedback tool, you have the flexibility to choose from a large pool of competencies and associated items that have normative data available, or craft your own items.

5 – Relevance

Make sure the feedback your leaders receive is 100% aligned with organizational values and priorities. Develop the leadership skills your organization needs, not the ones a generic profile dictates, or ones based solely on the latest best-selling business book.