the art and science of devising and employing plans toward a goal

Prism has processes, tools and experience that will support you in addressing your most important leadership priorities.

Achieving Organizational Clarity, Alignment and Engagement


The health and success of your organization depend on it.

  • Creating a clear organizational map - Vision, Mission, Key Objectives and Core Values
  • Aligning goals all the way down to the individual level
  • Ensuring policies and systems are supporting, not sabotaging, your goals
  • Employee surveys and action planning

Strategic Planning

We love helping you see, then create, the future you want for your organization.

  • Engaging all levels of the organization in strategic planning – from input to communication
  • Meeting design and facilititation
  • Using a variety of known and proprietary tools
    • PACE©  Planning Process
    • Appreciative Inquiry
    • SWOT Analysis
    • Balanced Scorecard
    • Force Field Analysis
    • Decision-making disciplines
    • Prioritization processes
    • SMART goal setting and follow through
    • GO! Process© Software for monitoring progress against your strategy
    • Cascading goals
    • KPI identification and target setting

Zoom out. Zoom in. Include everyone. Generate insights. Discern risks and opportunities. Prioritize. Communicate, communicate, communicate. Share stories. Integrate systems. Build connections throughout the organization. Track and measure. Zoom out….


Innovation and Creative Thinking

Let us help you rip open the box. It’s very crowded in there. We can help using guided processes that employ lateral thinking techniques and the science behind thinking creatively

Product Development * Marketing and Communications * Continuous Improvement/Quality and Efficiency * Employee Engagement



Change Management

See how a proven process and a facilitative partner can help your organization not only survive change, but THRIVE on it.

Are you leading or reacting? We can help you balance problem-solving with opportunity-making. Handle those troublesome, long-standing issues so you can get on with the fun stuff.

Many organizations struggle with change. Is change happening fast enough for your organization? Too fast? You have to stay competitive, and yet change takes a toll on the organization. Doing change well, the first time, is well worth the effort.  That means getting stakeholders engaged EARLY and OFTEN, communicating relentlessly, and listening. Yes, lots of listening.

Learn More > Why is Change So Hard; Perspectives on Change


Are the people in your organization unclear about, uninspired by, or disconnected from your vision/mission and goals?

Is the competition beating you to the leading edge?

Are you frustrated by lack of progress toward key strategic goals?

Do change initiatives and process improvements meet resistance or fall flat?

Prism can help! Let's Connect.