Growing Leaders at Roush

Growing Leaders at Roush Industries

Roush, as a major player in the global transportation industry, focuses on quality and exceeding customer expectations.  To achieve those goals, Roush recognized the need to ensure consistency in leadership and management practices by focusing on key competencies like building trust and engagement, leading change, and customer focus. To invest in leaders at both the middle and senior levels, Roush engaged Prism to help them understand which competencies their leadership cohorts were strongest in and which could benefit from skill-building.

Assessment Phase

Using Prism's Spectrum 360 Degree Feedback instrument, and customizing it to focus on the leadership competencies Roush had identified as crucial to their success, we helped them assess the needs and opportunities of the leadership team as a whole. 

Building Curriculum

Using the aggregated results of the 360 surveys, we tailored the curriculum at both levels of leadership to take advantage of the greatest development opportunities. Each leadership series consists of four 1/2-day modules that engage participants in an evolutionary journey as they

  • use individual 360 results to discover their strengths and opportunities
  • build new competencies through practice and experiential learning
  • share their action plans with their managers between sessions
  • implement their action plans
  • report back to peers in the next session

Change Happens

The built-in accountability makes it highly motivating to come back with stories of trials and successes to share. We enjoy watching the transformation as leaders progress through the modules and acquire more acute insights and skills, resulting in more effective leadership.