Why Live Training Still Belongs in Every Learning Delivery Strategy

Online training content is ubiquitous these days, with e-learning and video content on just about every subject being created all the time. So why is Prism still putting most of its energy and creative thinking into live training?

We believe that in-person, interactive workshops that are well-designed and skillfully facilitated are superior by far in achieving performance results in skills that involve thinking processes and human interaction.

When we really need change to happen, there is no substitute for getting people together, and focused on learning, in a distraction-free environment. Only then do we have the potential to create the commitment, confidence and competence needed for real progress.

In a workshop, we can engage the senses. Get hands on. Do the thing, not just hear about the thing. Research shows that the more senses we engage, the better our retention. We remember most when we see, hear AND do.

In a workshop, we can make use of all stages of the experiential learning process.  We can help people connect new knowledge with their existing knowledge and experience, which is how adults learn best. We can break skills down, practice them, and plan how we’ll apply them in the real world. We can provide feedback and build confidence in a safe, supportive environment.

What are the chances we are going to feel confident trying a new approach for the first time with a customer or difficult co-worker? Not likely!

In a workshop, we hear from our peers. We find out we are not alone. We get ideas. We explore an issue deeply through discussion and analysis.

In their most recent poll on engagement in today’s workplace, Gallup reports that only 33% of employees are engaged. Of the 12 questions strongly correlated to engagement, several speak to learning and growth. #12 is literally “In the last year, have you had opportunities to learn and grow?” We believe that workshops fulfill this promise in a way that online training never will.

Does live training take more effort and budget? Typically, the answer is yes. The question is not whether you can afford to do live training, but rather can you afford not to meet your performance goals. Don’t ignore the transformational potential of live or live-virtual workshops as a key component of your performance and growth strategy.